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David Ford - Go To Hell
Video Camera on a Conveyor Belt
The Hudson Plane Route Animated
Quick Salvia Guide
Sage Intro, Salvia and the Spiritual
Mark Twain - Mysterious Stranger -
Lion Swimming With a Man
Dancing Butterfly
Southwest Flight Attendant Rapping
Electric Sheep Herding
Crazy Bowling Trick Shot
Cat Forcibly Cleaning a Fox
Horse Licking His Buddy
Robot That Can Get Excited
Walk On
A.I. Enhanced Graffiti
Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog
Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs
Paul Harvey R.I.P.
Natasha Richardson R.I.P.
Carl Jung speaks about Death
Contamination Of Vaccine With Live
Avian Flu Virus
False Flag Bird Flu Pandemic
Alex Jones on Coast to Coast AM 1/3
Alex Jones on Coast to Coast AM 2/3
Alex Jones on Coast to Coast AM 3/3
Very Angry Cat
Cow gives birth to a dude
Super Chameleon
Chinese Japanese Dirty Knees... WTF
Flammable Water
Trailer Too Heavy
Bill Hicks - Christ and Christians
Bill Hicks BANNED Letterman stand-up
Bill Hicks on Clive Anderson Talks Back
Bill Hicks on mediocre hacks
Bill Hicks - Positive Drug Story
Bill Hicks - Play From Your Fing Heart
Bill Hicks on Tennessee & Non-Smokers
Comedian Bill Hicks at Dangerfields
Bill hicks - your children aren't special
The Best of Bill Hicks
Lucky deer worst shot
Lucky Deer, Unlucky Hunter
Deer Gets Revenge on Hunter
When Animals Strike - Deer Attack
How to do the world's greatest card trick
Pepper Spray
The is-is Epidemic
She wont stop SCREAMING!!!
Sony Releases POS
never trust a woman
Woman farts in pool!!
Peek A Poo!
Bride With a Pretty Smile
Kickback Montage
Skiing SUCKS!
New 18SX Car Alarm System
Dog in Blue Sweater SUPER FUNNY!!
Don't Mock the Canadian Military
OctoMom Giving Birth
Bone stealing leg
Lisa Lampenelli and Simon Cowell
Ashley Biden Cocaine Video
Dog Attempting Suicide
Sling Shot Pool Prank
Woman Blows Up Hot Water Bottle
Nunchuck Fail
I'm Trying to Relax!
Firecracker Prank
How Not to Pull a Truck Out of Mud

Gran Torino


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Money As Debt
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The Collapse of Capitalism?
Bernanke Blasted, Bird Flu Bioattack,
Obama to meet Queen
ECONOMY- Rep Ron Paul
Ron Paul Let's End the Fed (2-25-09)
Ron Paul on Glen Beck 2-24-09
Zeitgeist, The Movie - Remastered /
Final Edition
Zeitgeist: Addendum
Peter Joseph  1 of 3 [ zeitgeist ]
Peter Joseph  2 of 3 [ zeitgeist ]
Peter Joseph  3 of 3 [ zeitgeist ]
Peter Joseph / Eerie Investigations
Part 1: Rush Limbaugh CPAC
Bill Hicks: What is the point to Life
BILL HICKS on War & Freedom
Joe Rogan talks about DMT on the
Alex Jones Show
The American form of government.
Vanilla Ice Apologizes For Being Lame
WeAreChange talks to America
Mass chipping in U.K. has begun
North American Union Microchip I.D.
Microchips to enter and leave the U.S.
What is the New World Order?
Blackmail by banks and auto makers
CNBC Anchors Mortified That Ron
Paul Was Allowed Air Time
The Next American Revolution

Military Joining The American
Resistance To Protect The Constitution
Tyrannical Police State

The Obama Deception


Readings from 'Tao Te Ching'
Religion - Marcus Brigstocke
Paying income tax in America is
World Will End in 2012
Fish With a Transparent Head
Monkey Walks Like a Human
Pepsi and Necco Wafers
Regeneration of cells - Cutting Edge
Brain Worms!!
Does Our Reality Exist?
Be Glad You Don't Work in IT
Siamese Crocodiles
Tesla Coil
Is it Possible to Lick Your Elbow?
neodymium magnet
Your guide to the best of You Tube...
And a whole lot more!