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Sweet Georgia Brown & traktor
(edited version)
royksopp-what else is there
Speed Stacking Champ
Wildlife Adventure - Cougar vs. Bear
Tiger Woods at Obama Celebration
Monster Saxophone
Will The Monkeys Share?
Emotional Tirade((STEREO))
AMAZING! PitBull, Cat & Chicks!
Three Kites Dancing
Dog Protects His Mom
Reading Poetry
Banker to the Duckling Rescue
Paul Baribeau Ten Things
Eluvium - Radio Ballet
Eluvium - I Will Not Forget That I
Have Forgotten
Life in Watercolor
Joy Extended Version
Dancing Butterfly
The Next Mozart? 6-Year Old Piano
Prodigy Wows All
Chopin Trois Nouvelle Etude No.1 in
F minor
X Conference 2009 - End of May
Disclosure Ultimatum on UFO's
Ufo Disclosure Edgar Mitchell CNN
Obama Administration April 21 2009
Disclosure Petition - Part I
Disclosure Petition - Part II
May 13 2009 Nasa TV: STS-125 -
UFO buzzing Hubble
UFO in Horn Lake
UFO 22nd may 2009
Ufo's! -Why still hide the Facts?
UFO crash hits wind turbine
"Battle Of L.A.", 1942 (UFO over
Los Angeles)
Very Fast Tow Job
WH Correspondents' Dinner: Wanda
Sykes thinks Rush Limbaugh is a fine
Male Soprano
Driving 75 mph While Reading Novel
Don't do drugs
A Day Off
Europe Was a Country
Yes We Can = Thank You Satan
Man With 21 Kids!!!!
Project Camelot looks at George
Green's magnetic motor
Selfrunning free energy machine
First Person: First U.S. Face
Transplant Patient
Dangerous High-speed Magnetic
Levitation Maglev
Free Energy 400 Billion Dollar Secret
AntiGravity explained and produced!!
The Psychedelic Family Of Illusions
Antigravity and Advanced Tesla
Oki Electric Wiselink RFID Sensor :
Where's Waldo?
White Blood Cell Chases Bacteria
Man Agrees to be Waterboarded
May 10, 2009 Gas blast causes fire in
Uncle Jay Explains: May 11, 2009
Sunday Show Roundup: Still Talking
Nasa Reports - Damage to Shuttle Atlantis
- 05-12-09
Atlantis visits Hubble: Flight Day 2
Highlights 5-14-2009
Nancy Pelosi Gets Flustered 5-14-2009
Missing Link 5-19-2009
So This is Our Oldest Ancestor
North Korea tests nuke 5-24-2009
Judge Sonia Sotomayor: Court is Where
Policy is Made. Really????
Money As Debt
(Video starts after 20 seconds!)
A tribute to Bill Hicks
Head vs. Garbage Can
Golf Prank at the Driving Range
The Perfect Husband!
Marriage is like drinking a Slurpee
Selling a House, But No Asians Wanted
World's Most Dangerous Comedian
The Onion - Star Trek XI (2009)
The Hole Prank
water park prank
Star Trek
Coke Bomb Explosion Prank
Beavis And ButtHead All Grown Up
Footsies Prank
Boxer's Mom Joins the Fight
Star Trek vs. Star Wars
Death Star Destroys Enterprise
Hungry Hungry Hippos TV commercial
Hungry Hungry Hippos commercial
Mind Your Own Business
Woman Has Trouble Parking a Car
FJ Cruiser Theft
Burping everything i can haha
Stupid Bitch
Star Trek
Terminator Salvation

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Swine Flu Hoax!
Bird Flu - Swine Flu Hoax Pt 1, N151
Bird Flu - Swine Flu Hoax Pt 2 "H1N1"
Muslim Demographics
Israeli's found out CORRUPTING
Congressman Paul on the Recent Swine
Flu Scare
Democrats Blamed For Swine Flu?
David Icke - Religion
Project Camelot Interviews David Icke
WH Reporters Stand For Obama, But
Not For Bush?
US Census Worker Visits to get GPS
& Yells At Me For Filming Him On My
Porch (NWO)
FEMA'S 9/11 Coloring Book 1/5
FEMA'S 9/11 Coloring Book 2/5
FEMA'S 9/11 Coloring Book 3/5
FEMA'S 9/11 Coloring Book 4/5
FEMA'S 9/11 Coloring Book 5/5
Michael Savage Reacts to Being
Banned by Britain - May 5, 2009
Patriot Act Being Used Against a 16
Year Old Boy & its Own Citizens !
WARNING: Food Freedom Under
Attack! HR 759 is in Committee &
worse than HR 875
Alex Jones-9/11 Road To Tyranny
Barack Obama White House Aide
May Be Swine Flu
The Cough Heard 'Round the World
Alex Jones Channel Suspended By
YouTube (Action Needed!)
Bermas (HD) Swine Flu Media Hype
"Bigger then Flu itself"
Patriot Act Being Used Against a 16
Year Old Boy & its Own Citizens !
The Income Tax: WWII Disney
911 Molten Steel
Glenn Beck Threatened By NWO over
FEMA CAMP story!
lluminati Mini Documentary
EndTheFed Rally April 2009
Marilyn Manson Speaks
Conspiracy Theories - 9/11 Truth
Movement part 1
Local community responds to the
Obama Deception screening and street
States to Microchip Criminals to track
The DMT Hyperspace
The Creature from Jekyll Island
This CDC guy is Creepy!!!H1N1
(Swine Flu)
Pt.1 "Mexican Swine Flu"
2012: The Online Movie
The upcoming New World Order
religion EXPOSED!
Hannity, Morris Agree with Conspiracy
Illuminati Symbolism In Many Movies
Waring, H.R. 1966 will put about 40%
of you in jail Freedom of Speech will be
taken away
RFID Chip to poison and kill you!
IMPORTANT: Operation
Blackjack 6-22-2009
Chinese and American ships clash
again in Yellow Sea
How World War III Began - Act 1/2
How World War III Began - Act 2/2
The Georgian trap
Your guide to the best of You Tube...
And a whole lot more!
May 2009