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The Outer Limits 2x01 A Stitch In Time 2014-10-12

polyphonic overtone singing - Anna-Maria Hefele

Tibetan throat singing 2014-10-6
UFO and ET
Boyd Bushman - His Last Interview: A Documentary
on Area 51 and UFO's over Tucson, Arizona

UFO is hidden in the Crater Manilius on the Moon
1968 2014-10-10

Impact of Open ET Contact - Edgar Mitchell, Simon
Parkes, Alfred Webre, JD, Tolec 2014-10-6
CRAZY! Long Island Man Beheads His Mother, Then
Jumps In Front of Train! 2014-10-29

Marine Survives Taliban Headshot 2014-10-16

Strange Sea Monster 'Alien' Sea Creature with 100
Tentacles Found by Fisherman in Singapore | VIDEO

The world's luckiest people 2014-10-14

Train Wreck In Mer Rouge, LA 10/05/14 2014-10-8

Native Boy Is Ten Yards From Sasquatch 2014-10-6

Crazy! Man Floating In Bubble Rescued by Coast
Guard! 2014-10-6
Electric Universe | S0 News October 31, 2014

WOW! Breakthrough Fiberoptic Cable is 2,500X
Faster Than Fastest Internet! 2014-10-29

Huge Explosion Spotted on Mars After Comet Siding
Spring Passes 2014-10-29

Solar Flares, Volcano, Nova | S0 News 2014-10-27

Scientists Discover New Race of Human Beings

Once In A Million Year Space Event! Animation of
Comet Siding Spring Passing Mars! 2014-10-18

MAVEN! NASA's Latest Mars Spacecraft Reveals
Secrets Behind Planets Atmosphere! 2014-10-16

Lockheed Martin: Compact Fusion Research and
Development 2014-10-16

Imagining 10 Dimensions - the Movie 2014-10-15

The Sacred Science 2014-10-15

Breathtaking! New Color Changing Crystal Steals
Oxygen from Air! 2014-10-6

Finally, The Flying Car May Have Landed!

Science Experiments Prove Humans Have Souls but
Animals Don't 2014-10-2

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The Drudge Report
DAHB007 Underground World News
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How many TRILLIONS did the Pentagon "lose"? - Questions
For Corbett 2014-10-29

US Rocket Explodes Seconds After Lift-Off 2014-10-28

Rocket blows up seconds after launching 2014-10-28

Ex-CBS reporter: Government agency bugged my computer

Police: Man shot at war memorial in Ottawa 2014-10-22

Huge Move! Russia Deploys Troops, Robots Along Entire
"2nd Middle East" Arctic Belt! 2014-10-21

Ebola is 'disaster of our generation' says aid agency

Iraq WMD Cover Up? - #NewWorldNextWeek 2014-10-17

CRAZY! American Airlines Flight Makes Emergency
Landing After 'Cabin Walls Come Apart' 2014-10-14

Russia Deploying Tactical Nuclear Arms in Crimea

From Indonesia To Turkey New Archaeological Discoveries
Uncover The Mysteries Of A Lost Civilisation 2014-10-4

JPMorgan Says Data Breach Affected 76 Million
Households 2014-10-2

Moore Oklahoma police question school security after
"suspicious" man enters high school 2014-10-1
Money As Debt full length (Video starts after 20 seconds!)

Money as Debt II Promises Unleashed

Fractional Reserve Banking | Walter Block

China Just Overtook The USA As The World's
Largest Economy! 2014-10-8

WHY Bankers Are Being Killed by Suicide Globally

IRS seizes hundreds of perfectly legal bank
accounts, refuses to give money back 2014-10-28
Ha Ha
Ebola Vaccine Commercial 2014-10-8

Baby Puts A Ring On It | AFV 2014-10-3

The Dirdy Birdy by John R. Dilworth (official version)
Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes-You Found Me

Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie!

"POP" Goes The Weasel
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Born of Hope - Full Movie

Pink Floyd - The Wall (Complete Movie)

The Mosquito Coast

Micky Rourke (BarFly) full movie 1987 HD

Suddenly 2013 (Full Movie)

Home For The Holidays (1995) Full Movie

Orwell's 1984 (1956) The best one.

Dirty War Full Movie

E.M.M.A. (A Short Film)

NIKOLA TESLA - The Genius Who Lit the World
Star Trek
The Twilight Zone
We the Sheople
Zeitgeist The Movie
Zeitgeist The Movie
False Flag Coming To The U.S. And The
Government Is Now Putting Out Warnings - Episode
504 2014-10-30

20-Year CBS News Veteran Details Massive
Censorship And Propaganda In Mainstream Media

Ebola Bombshell: Kaci Hickox Was Trained As
'Intelligence Officer' by the CDC 2014-10-30

Alert! Insurance Companies Start Writing 'Ebola
Exclusions' Into Policies! 2014-10-30

The Origins of the American Public Education
System: Horace Mann and the Prussian Model of
Obedience 2014-10-29

99% Vaccinated Involved in Navy Flu Outbreak

Cop Goes Nuts When Told "God Bless You"

Flu Vaccine is the most Dangerous Vaccine in the
U. S. based on Settled Cases for Injuries 2014-10-29

Exclusive: New, disturbing video of attack by
Honolulu Police Officer inside a game room

Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black
Leadership 2014-10-28

Legal Theft! Law Lets IRS Seize Accounts On
Suspicion, No Crime Required! 2014-10-28

Heavily Armed Crowd Marches Through Downtown
St. Louis! Learn About It! 2014-10-27

Exposed! Chechen President: ISIS Leader is a CIA
Agent! 2014-10-27

Neurosurgeon Says Heaven Exists 2014-10-26

BUSTED! NYC Ebola Patient's Neighbor Says
THAT'S NOT HIM! 2014-10-26

Doctor Blows the Lid on Ebola and You Won't
Believe His 3 Bombshells! Plus Medical Martial Law
and More 2014-10-24

ALERT! NY Ebola Patient 'Craig Spencer' May
Have Infected Entire Bowling Alley! 2014-10-24

Musician arrested for singing in subway. 2014-10-22

Facebook demands DEA stop using fake profiles in
investigations 2014-10-21

Global Cooling -- North Pole Ice growing rapidly
South Pole Record Levels 2014-10-21

If It's So Real, Why The Massive 'Ebola Is Real'
Propaganda Campaign? 2014-10-21

Passengers Let Off Ship After Ebola Scare

Washington State Patrol Aircraft catches multiple
police cars speeding and does nothing. 2014-10-19

Jon Stewart vs. Bill O'Reilly: The Truth About White
Privilege 2014-10-18

Shepard Smith Blasts Media For
Hysterical,Irresponsible Ebola Coverage 2014-10-16

Texas Ebola Hoax! National Report Deceptively
Runs SATIRE, Not Wanting You to Know It's Satire!

Gun Grab Alert! Bill Gates Donates $1 Million In
Support of Gun Confiscation! 2014-10-15

Qatar Has Senior Al-Qaeda Operative On Its
Government Payroll! 2014-10-14

When Racism Was a Science 2014-10-14

Hagmann and Hagmann RB - Jim Garrow -
Suspicious Deaths and The Truth About Obama

BUSTED! NYPD Officer Caught Taking $1,300 from
Man, Then Pepper Spraying Him! 2014-10-10

Alert! California Aquifers' Contaminated' with
Billions of Gallons of Fracking Waste Water!

Proof your government is corrupt Dr Udo Ulfkotte,
journalist and author, on RT 2014-10-8

The Hidden Government Group Linking JFK,
Watergate, Iran-Contra And 9/11 2014-10-8

FBI Seeks Public's Help Identifying Masked Man In
ISIS Video! 2014-10-8

'Beardless Jesus' Discovered On Early Christian
Artifact Unearthed In Spain! 2014-10-7

Massive Explosion In Iran! Blast Shatters Windows 9
Miles Away Epicenter! 2014-10-6

Fierce Fighting Erupts Between ISIS and Hezbollah
In BAALBEK, Lebanon! 2014-10-5

WOW! DIY Gun-Making Milling Machine Sells Out In
36 Hours! 2014-10-3

The Virus of Female Responsibility Avoidance

South Park Ebola Illuminati Predictive Programming
Episode EXPOSED !!! Truth Hidden in Plain Sight!
(uhhh yeah right what a load of BS)  2014-10-2

doTERRA Pandemic Webinar 2014-10-2

The Great Year - Live Screening 2014-10-2

Yellowstone Secret Eruption Program 2014-10-1

CRAZY! CDC Says 700,000 People Could Die from
'Ebola' In Next 90 Days! 2014-10-1

Drone Shows Thousands Filling Hong Kong Streets
Melt Down
October 2014
Obama issues executive order authorizing the calling up of reserve troops, if necessary, to fight Ebola outbreak  

WTF! Hospital Workers Wore 'No Hazmat Suits' for 2 Days While Treating Ebola Patient! 2014-10-16

Ebola Disease Outbreak 2014 is a HOAX! (Redsilverj) 2014-10-13

Can Cannabinoids in Cannabis Paste fight off Ebola? 2014-10-12

Great News! Ultraviolet Light Robot Kills Ebola In Two Minutes! 2014-10-12

Dallas health worker who tested positive for Ebola wore 'full' protective gear 2014-10-12

PositiveID Corporation Discusses Its Firefly Dx System to Prevent the Spread of Ebola in a New Audio Interview at 2014-10-11

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE 2014-10-10

NYC Airport Workers Strike Over Ebola Fears! 2014-10-8

CNN: Inside Liberia's Ebola crisis 2014-10-8

CDC Admits 'Airborne' Ebola Is Possible! 2014-10-8


Here Is Where People Are Being Tested for Ebola! Link with Updated Results! 2014-10-7

Experts Say Ebola Could be Transmitted "At a Distance" Via Infected Aerosol Particles! 2014-10-6

MSNBC: The NRA Made The Ebola Crisis Worse! 2014-10-4

OUT OF CONTROL How the world’s health organizations failed to stop the Ebola disaster 2014-10-4

Joe Biden Lets Slip That Ebola is a 'Media Crisis', Demands Global Response with New Players! 2014-10-3

EBOLA WARNING! Texas Ebola 'Ambulance' Was NOT Quarantined Until 2 Days Later! 2014-10-2

RED ALERT! Health Agency of Canada Caught Removing Ebola 'Airborne' Info! 2014-10-1

Five Kids Linked to Ebola Patient are In 'Isolation', NOT Quarantine! 2014-10-1

"Bill Gates And CDC Own Ebola Vaccine Patent" 2014-10-1

Who else did he infect? At least 12 people including five children came in contact with Ebola victim who was loose in
Dallas for a WEEK before he sought help 2014-10-1

CRAZY! CDC Says 700,000 People Could Die from 'Ebola' In Next 90 Days! 2014-10-1
Ebola is aerosol below 65°F 2014-10-24 2014-10-14


A Vortex Based Mathematics Presentation Starring
Marko Rodin and Randy Powell

Vortex Based Mathematics - Marko Rodin 2014-10-14

2013 GlobalBEM Day 2 Presentations - Randy
Powell 2014-10-14
Graham Hancock: From
Indonesia To Turkey New
Discoveries Uncover The
Mysteries Of A Lost
Civilisation 2014-10-4
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